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ActiveHTML provides
Active Server Pages (ASP)
to your preferred web server.

ActiveHTML provides Active-Server-Pages (ASP) to Nearly Every Web Server supporting CGI.

ActiveHTML is an extremely powerful CGI application. CGI is a common method to create dynamic web content.

Features Overview:

  • Nearly fully compatible to Microsoft ASP3.0-Standard (Differences)
  • Supports all Windows XP and Windows Vista editions (see Personal Web Server Is Not Included with Windows XP Home Edition)
  • Supports Sessions with every webserver
  • Automatic content GZIP content compression
  • Supports Third party components created for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Send SMTP mail directly from within you asp files
  • Very comfortable file Upload (Upload.Files.Count ...)
  • Execute console applications (e.g. Ping) and gives back the output of the program
  • Supports every Active-Scripting - Engine around (e.g. PerlScript, Python)
  • Supports encrypted ASP-Files
  • Supports Include Files and Typelibs
  • Supports additional IIS-Objects (e.g. CDONTS.NewMail, MSWC.Browsertype, ...)
  • Supports different configuration for different Virtual Hosts
  • Process Requests in Context of an NT Account
  • Supports User Account Switching inside ASP-Pages = Secure access to SQL-Server or Network resources
  • Supports common objects like FileSystemObject or Active Data Objects (ADO)
  • Use free ASP applications from various internet sites
  • more...



ActiveHTML is available in different versions. See the differences to determine which version you will need. Please read our Software-License before you install our products.
To process your order, we will need the computer name of your web server (COMPUTERNAME).

The FREE Version is no longer available.


Information about the trial version

You may evaluate ActiveHTML free of charge for 45 days in your environment.

After 45 days of evaluating, you have to buy the licenses you need or you must stop using the program and remove it (with all it's components) from your computers.

Using the trial version beyond the 45 days evaluation time is illegal.

During the evaluation time you get free email support. If you miss a feature or have suggestions, don't hesitate to ask us. We will collect your wishes and try to integrate them in future versions - and who knows, perhaps we are already working on the features you need.

When purchasing ActiveHTML, you will get your personal registration information and a detailed description how to change the already installed trial version into registered version.

Differences: trial version - registered version:

  • None, please read about the different versions of ActiveHTML


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