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ActiveHTML: What is ASP?

ASP is a server-side scripting technology developed by Microsoft. It is an open, compile-free application environment in which you can combine HTML, scripts, and reusable components to build dynamic and powerful Web applications.

ASP is language-neutral, so if you are skilled at a scripting language such as VBScript or JScript, you already know how to use ASP. You can use server-side ASP scripts to store HTML form information in a database, personalize Web sites according to visitor preferences, or use different HTML features based on the browser. ActiveHTML supports every ActiveX Scripting Engine around (e.g. Python, Perlscript, VBScript, JScript).

The following sample gives you a small taste on how to use ASP to create dynamic web pages:

Simple ASP-Code with VBScript:

<TITLE>Hello World</TITLE>
<% for i = 3 to 7 %>
	<FONT SIZE=<% = i %>>Hello World</FONT><BR>
<% next %>

This would be the result of the previous ASP-Code:

Hello World
Hello World
Hello World
Hello World
Hello World

Use hundreds of free ASP-Applications you can find in the internet. The ActiveHTML install package already contains a few good free ASP-Applications ready to run. You will also find these applications in the following links: 
Excellent ASP-Applications:Useful ASP-Links:
Liberum Helpdesk
Snitz Forums 2000
UltraApps Portal
WebWiz Forum
Active Server Pages on WIKIPEDIA
MSDN- Active Server Pages



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