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Manage Out of Office settings of Outlook/Exchange users

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OOF-Admin - THE tool for professional exchange environments!

OOF-Admin provides a fast and easy way to manage Out of Office settings of Exchange/Outlook users. But OOF-Admin can do a lot more for you!

To get a quick overview about OOF-Admin main features, please check out the visual tour with screenshots and descriptions.

OOF-Admin Visual Tour

Out of Office Assistant Settings
Notiy mailbox owner
Manage Delegates
Modify folder rights
Manage Out of Office Rules
Forward unread Messages
Forward Appointments
Mass Change
Request Licenses

More information and advantages

  • No direct access to users mailbox possible
  • No special privileges required to use OOF-Admin
  • Works great in Citrix-Session
  • Notification of mailbox owner
  • Shows picture of mailbox owner from Active Directory
  • Send Out of Office replys to senders of already received mails
  • Multilingual, modern and customizable user interface
  • Group Policies (restricts usage of certain program features, protects private data)
  • Scriptable templates
  • MSI-Installation package for simple installation/distribution
  • Three months free support and updates
  • Very affordable prices for mailbox and maintenance licenses
  • ...

Usage scenarios

  • Secretary manages Out of Office settings of team members
  • User helpdesk manages delegates for absent staff
  • Audit access rights of CEOs mailbox folders
  • ...

Compare with OOF-Enterprise

Licenses, Maintenance, Prices, Evaluation licenses

You will need to purchase one mailbox license for each mailbox in the mail domain.
Any number of persons may use OOF-Admin. OOF-Admin may be installed on any number of workstations.

A mailbox license includes three months free Support and Maintenance (updates).
You may extend the period anytime by purchasing additional maintenance licenses. The maintenance period of new maintenance licenses always starts at the end of the maintenance period of the existing maintenance licenses.

If have more mailboxes than mailbox licenses in your mail domain, OOF-Admin will stop working until you purchased the missing licenses..
You may purchase additional mailbox licenses any time, however the volume discount is per order. You should keep this in mind and increase the number of licenses to get some spar licenses for new users.

Click here to show current prices and volume discounts for mailbox- and maintenance licenses

Without enough mailbox licenses, OOF-Admin will let you modify only your own mailbox. You may request a free 30 day evaluation license, to get full access to all mailboxes.


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