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ActiveHTML: Differences to ASP3.0 

ActiveHTML is a CGI-Program. That means, it is called every time a web page is requested. It does not stay in memory between requests. That is you can not store objects in Session- or Application-Variables to use them in the next request. Although you can of course store string, numbers or arrays in Session- or Application-Variables. Even in Microsoft IIS, it is not recommended to store objects in such variables, because doing so will increase server load. You will find more details about the Session- and Applicationobject here. All major objects are binary compatible with the corresponding IIS objects.

ActiveHTML emulates the IIS so perfectly, that many Third Party Components will work seamless with ActiveHTML. Only components using Microsoft Transaction Server or internal IIS functions, will not work.

See the differences between Microsoft ASP 3.0 (used in Internet Information Server 5.0) und seliSoft ActiveHTML:

Functions / ObjectsMicrosoft ASP 3.0seliSoft AHTML 1.x
Response.AppendToLog The AppendToLog method adds a string to the end of the Web server log entry for this request Writes text to WIN32 debug interface
Response.IsClientConnected The IsClientConnected property indicates if the client has disconnected from the server. Always returns TRUE
Request.ClientCertificate The ClientCertificate collection holds fields of keys and values from a security certificate that the client browser passes to the Web server Always returns an empty collection
@ENABLESESSIONSTATE You can use the @ENABLESESSIONSTATE directive to turn off session tracking for a page Does nothing, session tracking is always on
You can use the @TRANSACTION directive to indicate that the script should be treated as a transaction Does nothing, Microsoft Transaction Server would be required
GLOBAL.ASA:Application_OnEnd The Application_OnEnd event occurs when the application quits, after the Session_OnEnd event These event never occurs because ActiveHTML is a CGI-Program and not permanent in memory
GLOBAL.ASA:Session_OnEnd The Session_OnEnd event occurs when a session is abandoned or times out. The Session_OnEnd event occurs when a session is abandoned.
For all Windows platforms, the properties of the Status object currently all return the string "unavailable." These properties are supported.

The remaining properties of MSWC.Status return "unavailable".
MSWC.IISLog The IIS Log component is used to create an IISLog object, which enables your applications to read from the IIS log Not supported because this is an IIS specific object.

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