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ActiveHTML: Technical Information

Program start:

ActiveHTML is a pure CGI-Program and will be executed by your web server every time a ASP-Page is requested.


ActiveHTML emulates the Microsoft Information Server for ActiveX-Components (Server.CreateObject) by providing binary compatible internal interfaces (IResponse, IRequest, IStream, ...). External Components which uses Microsoft Transaction Server will not work properly with ActiveHTML at this time. However, many available components will work perfectly with ActiveHTML. Please read about the differences between Microsoft ASP 3.0 and ActiveHTML.

Memory management:

To store Session- and Application-Data between requests, ActiveHTML saves these information in the server memory. This is done by using special registry access calls, keeping the data in memory and not on the hard disk. This brings short access times and doesn't leave orphan files on your servers hard disk. Every time Active HTML is started, it removes outdated information from the memory.

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