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OOF-Admin and / or OOF-Enterprise?

At first glance, both programs deal with similar problems, but with different targets. The two programs work seamlessly together and can be used together.

OOF-Admin is used to set the Out of Office settings for absent users (for example because of illness, forgotten before the holiday, etc.). Also Outlook-Delegates and Out of Office rules can be set up, without direct access to the appropriate mailbox. Your data protection officer will be pleased.

OOF-Enterprise lets you specify uniform and yet personalized Out of Office messages, based on custom templates across the enterprise. The Exchange Out of Office assistant can automatically be set, based on Outlook calendar entries ( "I'm back on ...") and even can be switched on and off.

The following table shows you the similarities and differences of both programs.
Please don't hesitate to ask us about features and capabilities of our products!

Feature OOF-Admin OOF-Enterprise
Scriptable Templates for Out of Office Messages
with Active Directory fields (VBScript)
Yes Yes
Extensive logging options
What changes were made when and by whom
Yes Yes
Control via Group Policies
Many program options can be centrally managed
Yes Yes
Support for automatic software distribution
Unattended installation (Silent) and MSI packages
Yes Yes
Ad hoc manage Out of Office settings
User may change Out of Office message text and -rules
Yes No
Extensive permissions and privacy settings
Who can see/edit what in which mailboxes
Yes No
Manage all Out of Office Rules
User can modify or delete existing rules or create new ones
Yes No
Manage Outlook delegate settings
User can create/modify/delete Outlook delegates (incl. Mailbox permissions)
Yes No
Manage Outlook folder permissions
User can create/modify/delete folder permissions for any Outlook folder
Yes No
Forward unread messages
User can forward inbox messages to delegate
Yes No
Forward appointments
User can forward appointments to delegate
Yes No
Mass changes
Bulk modify Out of Office settings
Manual Yes
Automatically create forward rule
Create Out of Office mail forward rule to delegate or manager (from Active Directory)
No Yes
Automatically manage Out of Office settings
e.g. turn on/off, create message text based on Outlook calendar entries
No Yes
Repeated Out of Office messages per sender
Sender will receive an Out of Office message every day (instead of once only)
No Yes
Automatically calculate end of absence
incl. weekends and holidays
No Yes
Outlook-AddIn for user individual settings (optional)
e.g. Mailbox owner may choose special message text template
No Yes



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